Adelaide Equine Salt Therapy

A natural therapy that can help horses with common breathing issues, allergies, post and pre travel, colds, coughing & sinus

Salt Therapy

The Treatment

Salt naturally has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities.  When horses breathe salt into their lungs it reduces inflammation and congestion that can cause airways to restrict.  Once clear, lung function improves.  Improved lung function results in more efficient oxygenation of the blood and a more effective removal of CO2 from the blood stream which leads to increased stamina and reduced recovery time.


In addition, the salt helps to treat skin issues and overall inflammatory responses. Salt micro particles inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, reduce swelling and ease inflammation throughout the horse's body. The therapy results in pH normalization and better skin microcirculation.


Because the treatment only involves 100% natural salt, it will not 'test' and is therefore a completely safe, natural and compliant way to improve a horse's performance.

How It Works

Mucus Clearance

When the salt particles enter the sinus and lung cavities, it reacts with the mucus by decreasing viscosity and allowing it to be expelled. Drawing out the mucus helps open up the airways and helps rid them of allergens and bacteria.



The micronized salt which the horse breathes benefits the irritated lining of the sinuses and lungs, from the bronchi down to the alveoli. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, salt reduces tissue irritation and swelling, opening the airways for improved breathing and oxygen utilization.



In many respiratory tract conditions, airways become narrowed and irritated filling with mucus where bacteria flourishes. Not only does salt help expel bacteria through mucus clearance but salt being a natural antibacterial agent helps to kill harmful bacteria in the respiratory tract.

Salt Therapy relieves symptoms of

IAD (Inflammatory or Allergic Airway Disease)

RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction, COPD aka Heaves) 

EIPH (bleeding)


Environmental allergies 

Pre & post travel

Shift mucus

Pre & post racing

Various inflammatory skin conditions (e.g. summer sores, mud fever etc.)

A Medication free option to consider

The use of Equine Salt Therapy reduces or eliminates the need for and reliance on antibiotics, corticosteroids, and bronchodilators, thus reducing potential side effects of those medications. Halotherapy helps to eliminate or reduce airway obstructions that limit the performance of horses.

Our salt float provides a natural healing environment, bringing the curative sea air to your horses’ home, in a stress-free treatment experience. The use of halotherapy shortly before racing allows horses to benefit from the effects of sodium chloride which enhances the horse’s ability to rest, recover, and perform at an optimal level.

Will not swab because its SALT!

Equine Salt Therapy is a natural therapy helping all horses

Mobile service!

Horses are loaded into the salt chamber(float) and breathe in the dry micro salt particles blown into the air.  Session takes approx. 20 minutes. Can help ease coughs, colds, allergies, post surgery, snotty noses, sinus problems, before and after travel, any breathing issue, nose bleeds, dries up airways and helps shift mucus. Revitalise and recover.

Equine Salt Therapy benefits

Help those warriors recover during a race campaign. Increase stamina by improving lung function. Great for eventing, polo, racing, pacing even helping showjumpers. Fantastic for general wellbeing and improving coat condition. So its great for showhorses too! Natural and will not test. No withholding. Great results!

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Can treat 1 horse or 2 horses at once. 

Treatments are 20min

Adelaide Equine Salt Therapy

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